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Norsk Areal AS

By Portal Eiendom AS 

Welcome to NORSK AREAL

The real estate provider Norsk Areal was established in 2006 who invested in properties in Norway and Sweden. From 2016 the current owners restructured the company and started the process towards becoming a focused tenant driven provider of commercial space. Going forward the company will target a growth strategy by investing i new properties and cooperate with new tenants. The growth will be financed by the current shareholders but will also explore opportunities for partneships with other real estate investors/companies.

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Dedicated team with extensive experience in the Real Estate, Corporate Finance, Industrial, Investment and Construction industries. Our work philosophy includes our contious effort to improve our selves and what we do. What ever we do we will always in a dedicated manner, be humble and respectful in our effort to create new relations and businesses.


Introduction to some previous business cases by Norsk Areal


Karihaugveien 89, Oslo, NORWAY


Norsk Areal AS acquired Karihaugveien 89 in 2016. The aim was to further develop the property and enhance the profile as an “office hotel”. Norsk Areal went into a close dialog with all the 70 tenants, and starter to upgrade the tenant restaurant, the meeting rooms and the gym. With personal service and focus Norsk Areal managed to increase the rent level and the WALT. The main part of the existing tenant decided to extend their lease and Norsk Areal managed to fill up the main part of the vacant offices. Norsk Areal AS divested the property in 2019 with a substantial capital gain.

Tevlingveien 15, Oslo, NORWAY


Tevlingveien 15 is a mix use property including offices, warehouse and 116 parking lots. When Norsk Areal aquired the property in 2018 the annual rent was 4,8 MNOK and approximately 34% av the offices / warehouse was vacant. After close feedback form all the tenants Norsk Areal upgraded the tenant restaurant and the common areas. Extra conference room was established and Norsk Areal started to take control over the parking situation at the property to make sure the tenants could use their parking lots. When Norsk Areal divested the property in 2021 the vacancy was close to zero and the rent was increased to approximately 7,5 MNOK (+56%).


Some of our past and present clients

"Handling a veraity of tenants, all with specific needs is an art"

Former tenant of Norsk Areal

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Fru Kroghs Brygge 8,

0252 Oslo,


+47 92251115

+47 92897017

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